Foundation Dentist

FD accounts are created on your behalf, ahead of the first case submission period. On creation, you should receive 2 emails to the email address provided by your local office. If you do not receive these emails, please try the following...

  • Check your spam folder. Emails may have been filtered here, so check here first.
  • If you still cannot find the emails, please try requesting a password reset at the following link, you need only supply your email address on record
  • If you still cannot get account details, please submit your ticket confirming your full name, GDC number and local office.

Education Supervisor

If you were a registered user on APLAN for a previous year, your account should already exist. In this instance, the email notification will only tell you that your account has been updated (if necessary). If you cannot remember your login, please use the password reset option using the link given above.

If you are a new Supervisor, you should receive emails as per the Foundation Dentist instructions. Please follow the advice given in the Foundation Dentist section above.