The most common issue here is that you are copy/pasting the password supplied. There is no problem with you doing this, but please be aware, many browsers and email clients automatically select an additional space at the end of the password when you highlight it. Please ensure you are not doing this or try typing the password manually - passwords are case sensitive.

If the above isn't the issue, then the next step to make sure you have the correct password. If you cannot remember your password, or you cannot be sure you have the correct one, please use the password reset function - there is a link for this on the login screen.

When you receive a new password, please ensure you do not copy/paste an additional space as mentioned above.

APLAN automatically locks accounts if too many incorrect passwords are attempted within a short time period. If this happens, your account will automatically unlock after a period of time. Please leave the site and try again 10 minutes later.

If none of the above is helping, please submit a ticket confirming your full name, GDC number and Training Scheme.