Sometimes, APLAN fails to save cases or reviews, this can happen for a few different reasons, highlighted below.

Your session has timed out

Like most websites, APLAN automatically logs inactive users out for security reasons, however what APLAN does differently, is attempt to give you the opportunity to take a copy of your work before it is lost - it cannot be saved to the database and logging back in will lose what was there, rather you should copy/paste your content into some external application e.g. Word before you log back in to APLAN and start a new session.

Your authentication token has become out of sync

This is very similar to the issue above, but can cause unexpected issues where you appear logged in but cannot access pages like the dashboard. Users who ticked the "Remember me" option are more likely to encounter this issue and so we have disabled this option going forward. In the first instance, users should try logging out and clearing their cookies for the APLAN website, different browsers have different ways of doing this, below is a link containing information on all major operating systems and browsers (note: this is an external site provided by Trend Micro)

You have not completed all required information

If your case/review has missing information, you will be allowed to save it, but not submit it; this allows you to partially complete work and finish at a later date. Work must however, be submit before the deadline. If APLAN fails to save due to incomplete data, it should be displayed on the form where the issue is - please check all tabs for the missing information.

Ineligible data

There are restrictions on the amount, and type of data that can be entered. If you have gone over the word/character limit (displayed beside the form field if applicable), or entered data which could be damaging if stored in the database and displayed to other users, then APLAN will not allow the save, again, further information should be displayed on the form - please check all tabs for the problem data.